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How it Works

To watch reactions

  • In order to watch reactions on this website following the free trial period, you will need to purchase 1 of the 6 membership plans available. (FLUFFBUNNY, FLUFFBUNNY+, FLUFFBUNNY PRO, FLUFFBUNNY PRO+, FLUFFBUNNY VIP, FLUFFBUNNY VIP+).

  • Monthly plans can be canceled at anytime, however, keep in mind that canceling a plan that has already been processed will cancel for the following month. Yearly plans cannot be canceled, however they do not renew after the 1 year term is completed.

  • It is important to note that upgrading an active plan is not possible. Your only option is to either purchase another plan at the same time, or to wait for the initial plan to expire. For monthly plans, you may cancel the plan so it does not renew, and then purchase a new plan. For yearly plans, you may purchase a new plan at anytime, however, there will be no refund for the already active plan. Please choose carefully.

  • Refunds may only be issued for breaches in service that are within our power or caused by us.


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  • Members will receive a badge according to their membership plan. These badges are assigned manually and therefore may not appear immediately after plan is purchased. If ever badges are missing for an extended amount of time, please contact us.

  • The first 20 people to order a membership plan will receive a number badge; numbers 1 through 20 signifying the order of which you purchased a plan. Hurry to be in the top 20! (Completed)

Media Player tips: Desktop

  • To navigate more easily through videos on desktop, click on the search bar. There, you can find the exact video you are looking for through the tags. Ex. S2 Ep23 (Season 2 Episode 23). While watching a video, use the arrow keys to skip 5 seconds back or ahead.

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Media Player tips: Mobile Web Version

  • To navigate more easily through videos on mobile, click the name of the channel on the cover of the video or click the three dots on the top right of the video player to 'visit channel'. Then you can scroll through the videos or search through the tags for a specific video.


Purpose of this space

Please use this space to connect with others that share the same interests. Talk about things you like, meet new people and hopefully enjoy the process. With this site being new, it is currently unclear how exactly this experience will unfold, but I hope we can all make it a very pleasant one.

Interested in becoming a moderator

I am seeking members that would be interested in being a moderator for the forum and group page. If you purchased a Pro membership, you can become a moderator for the forum. If you have purchased a VIP membership, you can become a moderator for the forum and/or group page. Moderators must be individuals that are capable of discerning inappropriate content as well as spoiler content. For more details, send a message and I'll answer as soon as possible.

'SPOILER' content

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to determine what anime people have seen or not seen. With this in mind, the best guidelines I can make in regards to spoiler content are the following:

  • No information regarding anime I have watched or am watching on my channel/website that I have not yet reacted to.

  • No information from any manga/web comics that have not yet been presented in anime form if there is an anime, whether discontinued or not.

  • No insinuations or hints towards information that is a spoiler (this includes written, verbal or visual etc.).

In order to protect my experience as an anime fan that detests spoilers, I have created guidelines around what I am watching. Since my viewers are also watching the same anime, this is meant to protect them from spoilers as well. Any who deliberately violate these rules may be subject to removal from the forum and group pages without a refund.

To delete your account

If you wish to no longer be a site member and delete your account, you must contact us directly through chat or email with the account e-mail you'd like deleted. We will proceed to delete the account for you.

* For more questions, please contact us at or through the chat.

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