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Important Information



* Please note that due to the circumstances in which this website was created, it is still in its trial and developing stages. Please be aware that there may be changes and/or imperfections following the website's launch. However, please know that improving and stabilizing the experience here is of utmost importance.

The Plan

All reactions from Youtube are to eventually be moved here. Videos will continue to be uploaded to Youtube, however the video will now be blurred except for the subs, unfortunately jeopardizing the viewer experience. However here, the less edited version will be uploaded. The reason for this is to avoid any more copyright surprises in the future from new and/or much older videos. With all the anime I have watched and will continue to watch, such surprises accumulate and become more and more problematic. With my future plans in mind, this is not a risk I am willing to take. Unfortunately, Youtube is not taking the necessary steps to help and consider their hardworking creators on this ongoing matter. 

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